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About Josh

I am a writer, reporter, filmmaker, teacher, academic researcher and marketing professional. I know what you're thinking. . . just choose one, right? I think every day would be a lot less interesting if I did. I prefer to choose those creative and professional pursuits that capture my attention and strike me as "meaningful work." In a 24-year career, I have worked in a variety of settings (large

corporations, small start-ups, universities, newspapers, the federal government and a PR firm), and I'm thankful for the experience I had at each waypoint on the journey.

As a native of St. Louis (University City, home to Washington University) I am fascinated by the urban-rural, blue-red, middle-coasts, black-white split that is so obvious in our country. Today I consider myself a lifelong Bay Area resident. I can claim to have lived in all of the Bay's many "directions" – that's East (Berkeley-El Cerrito), North (Marin Headlands), South (Pacifica) and West (SF-Mission).

Currently I am living in El Cerrito and working as a writer and media relations expert at Firebrand Communications, an SF-based PR firm that works with innovative startups. Before that, in 2020, I served as one of the Bay Area spokespeople for the U.S. Census. It was a wild ride, but we did our jobs and got everyone counted (highest self-response rates in history). Being part of the team that carried out this democracy-saving constitutional directive was one of the most important things I've ever done. I've also been a professor at many Bay Area universities teaching undergraduates about our American political system.

I am married to my wonderful wife Tiffany and have two adorable dogs, Pamplemousse (a French Bulldog who likes things done her way) and Jax (a golden retriever who wants to be with people at all costs and is rubber-ball obsessed). You can see pictures of them here.

CV (Academic)

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

— Martin Luther King Jr.

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