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To watch these short films, please go to the home page and use the video gallery. All films are written, directed and edited by Josh Green.
In Development

Lumberjills is the first TV show to tell the stories of the women of U.S. timber sports. These women are tough enough to kick your ass, but nice enough to have lunch with. Every year they sacrifice long hours on the training block and their own money to enter competitions in the hopes of being at the top of the podium at the Stihl

Timber Sports championships every July.

They suffer tragedy and loss like anyone else, but their resilience in the face of those losses is inspiring.


They succeed in a male-dominated sport where the men often get more attention and money for the same achievements. Gender equity, gripping personal stories, and wood-chip-flying action -- Lumberjills delivers all three in one show!

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Steve is in a dead-end job, and often zones out at work. With his boss on his case to finish a report, he remembers a simpler time when he and Dan talked about a life of success and wonder. When he sees that his current life looks nothing like the life he really wants, he makes a life-changing decision that leaves his boss dumbfounded.

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Running from a problematic relationship with her partner, Gwen is a desperate mother who has taken her daughter Sophia with her on an unscheduled "roadtrip." At a seedy motel, Gwen is haunted by the decision she has to make. Should she take the daughter she cares so much about but has no biological connection to, or should she risk never seeing her again and give her back to her partner (Sophia's biological mom)?


A runner on the beautiful California coastline (Pescadero Beach) clears her head with a beach jog after dealing with a difficult breakup.

This film was shot using the DJI Inspire-1 drone with some tricky over-the-ocean shots. 

Deux Ballons, a short film by Josh Green

An homage to the 1956 classic short film, "Le Ballon Rouge," this film features a lovable French Bulldog, Pamplemousse ("Pompi"). Pompi is entranced by a red balloon that she sees in the park one day. The balloon is no ordinary balloon and is able to playfully run away from Pompi when she decides she must have it. At the same time, Ahlexzis decides to give up waiting for her bus and walk all the way to work. Along the way she, too, meets a magical red balloon, and like Pompi she feels compelled to chase it.

Soon the two chasers (and their red objects of desire) meet in the park. After sizing each other up, Pompi decides to take matters into her own paws and attacks both balloons. With the balloons vanquished, Pompi and Ahlexzis realize that they are free from the burden of chasing, and it's a big relief. They cast off their red garments and become fast friends.

This film was an Albany FilmFest 2018 Selection in the Short Film category.


A couple in San Francisco noticed something on their regular morning walks up to Twin Peaks, a world famous spot where tourists and residents alike can take in a bird's-eye view of a great city. They noticed that the roadside and park were regularly littered with garbage and trash from the stream of tourists that go up the windy road to Twin Peaks every day.

Instead of dismissing it as another annoying detail of urban life, Mike and Janet decided to take bags with them on every Sunday morning walk and pick up the garbage as they went. Soon they discovered an added bonus to their impromptu garbage pickups – they often found discarded wallets and papers from tourists who had been the victims of break-ins. With a little Internet research, they could often reunite shocked crime victims with their belongings, restoring a small bit of order in a disorderly world.


Pamplemousse, or "Pompi", is a scrappy French Bulldog with a promising career in canine politics. This mockumentary covers Pompi's rise to fame, her love of "big ball" politics, and her storybook win in the mayoral election of Pt. Isabel, one of the Bay Area's most beautiful dog parks. Pompi is a canine politician who appeals to all types of dogs, pure breed and mixed. But what will the voting public think of her shady connections to the Golden Retriever lobby?

This film was an Albany FilmFest 2016 Selection in the Short Film category.

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